Martina Gatti

Martina Gatti

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Founder of Sinopie Srl and My Italian Guide, Martina Gatti has been involved in cultural communication and tourism for over fifteen years as a consultant, tour guide, certified event manager and university professor

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In 2005, she graduated from the University of Pisa in Museology and Art Criticism; later, she specialized in Cultural Heritage for the design and management of Tourism Systems. While studying at the University, she started leading her first guided tours and also worked as a trainer at The Uffizi Gallery, collaborating in the organization of exhibitions and events. During the same period, her research in the field of communication and museum management allowed her to travel to Scotland, England and Spain

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In 2008, she decided to go back to Rome, her hometown, and with Mileto Benvenuti gave life to Sinopie. Sinopie is a cultural association dedicated to their fellow citizens and to all those who wanted to share their own passion for Rome and its endless history. Sinopie is the Italian word used to describe the preparatory drawings of the frescoes: therefore, this name was chosen as a metaphor about the cultural project dedicated to sharing art, achieved through communication and knowledge. After leaving on a study trip to the United States, more precisely to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York City, Martina Gatti started working at the Vatican Museums; at the same time, she carried out several assignments of collaboration relating to consultancy, dissemination and cultural planning activities for Galleria Colonna, the Italian Touring Club and Circolo di Palazzo Madama

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In 2018, the desire of investing in a new model of tourism and the idea of giving birth to a shared project led to the expansion of the Sinopie team, that welcomed Chiara Comella, Silvio Faraone and Francesca Sarinelli. Meanwhile, the Sinopie family kept growing thanks to numerous commitments with both public and private entities, by carrying out training, consultancy and cultural planning activities in various fields: museums, cinema, events, art collecting and tourism. In the same year, Martina became the curator and author of the series "100 + 1 Meraviglie di Roma" published by Typimedia Editore and she also started teaching at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Luiss Business School and Link Campus University

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In 2019, Martina Gatti founded Sinopie Srl, a consulting company in the national and international tourism sector, with a specialized guide center and a solid network of professionals in Rome and Italy. A year later, Martina's desire to make art and culture an engine of work and development led to the birth of the Destination Management Company (DMC) My Italian Guide, which boasts a regular tour operator license and is an integral part of the already consolidated Sinopie world

"Art is the key to understanding the past, imagining the present and shaping the future"

— Martina Gatti —Founder, art historian and licensed guide

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